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When I was young, I already had a computer. So I start getting used to the operating system early on. At the time, I mainly attached importance to gaming. Nowadays I am very active in many areas. 


I have learned to create, compose, put together the individual music files and produce myself. I create soundtracks. I also create pixelart images. Here I have also acquired a lot myself. In addition, I am a wallpaper and logo visionary. I have a huge range of ideas in these areas. I also had very helpful support in many areas. I am very grateful for that today.


Not to be forgotten is that I am a game author, writer and love to write reviews. I've already written a lot of reviews in the Android area. I am very communicative and therefore in contact with many game developers. Here I link my created reviews that I have posted on review pages, online magazines. You are cordially invited to take a look at my reports if you are interested. Thanks very much.

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God of War - Review


God of War - Test

finally Kratos also slaughters on the PC

Author: BANDOS7 - 15/03/2022 published

GRID Legends - Review


GRID Legends - Test

Codemasters really comes up trumps again!

Author: BANDOS7 - 02/03/2022 published

Kingdom of the Dead - Review


Kingdom of the Dead - Test

A Black & Chrome Shooter!

Author: BANDOS7 - 22/02/2022 published

Super Worldbox - Review


Super Worldbox - Test

God Simulator in top form!

Author: BANDOS7 - 25/01/2022 published

Thunder Tier One - Review


Thunder Tier One - Test

Third Person Shooter with a difference!

Author: BANDOS7 - 12/01/2022 published

GRID Legends - Preview


GRID Legends - Preview

pure driving fun!

Author: BANDOS7 - 23/12/2021 published

Succubus - Review


Succubus - Test

Madmind Studio's latest Horror Title goes to the next Level.

Author: BANDOS7 - 18/12/2021 published

No Plan B - Review


No Plan B - Test

Tactical planning Shooter with attention to detail.

Author: BANDOS7 - 14/12/2021 published

Exo One - Review


Exo One - Test

An Interplanetary high flyer!

Author: BANDOS7 - 23/11/2021 published

ReFactory - Review


ReFactory - Test

Groundbreaking Factory Game a la carte!

Author: BANDOS7 - 23/11/2021 published

Bright Memory: Infinite - Review


Bright Memory: Infinite - Test

Can the one-man project convince?

Author: BANDOS7 - 11/11/2021 published

Forgive Me Father - Review


Forgive Me Father - Test

Monster Shooter in 3D with a difference! Greetings from H.P. Lovecraft.

Author: BANDOS7 - 05/11/2021 published

more is coming soon.