The Amok Trilogy:


I've been working on a short film trilogy for years. This is only produced by me. It takes a long time and takes a lot of work. It is a great pleasure for me to present you the first pictures and clips. More news will follow shortly.



a short movie trilogy created by BANDOS7. (is still in process)

Story & Workflow:


Starting with a contract killing that goes wrong. Up to a hunt against time, against the police, then finally some traumatic events that should change everything. A visual captivating and focused camera swipe for a very impressive overall picture. Since the films more or less only have something to do with one another from a purely objective point of view, it still results in an overall story. Therefore also a trilogy. It will be about the same protagonist for example. His minutes, days, however, are different and this open up new ways in which his story unfolds. Various memories will be made as individual small pieces in the form of a cut together. But these are not part of the trilogy. They are supposed to show other characters as well. I'm not going to make big promises to you. This is a project that only involves one person. So a project that I create alone. For reasons of time alone, I cant add voice to the short films. Therefore it will certainly take time until the first Amok film is released. Short film, so that we can understand each other properly. I've been working on it for a number of years. So it will definitely be released at some point. I will publish everything else here. Thank you.]

My Twitter account is very active and up to date. Here you will also find what you are looking for when it comes to my projects. Here is a direct link to a brand new Amok Teaser.!


Check it out.!! - (Teaser from 20/12/2021)


Gifs Showtime:


Here are a few little Gifs for you guys! The Amok Trilogy. As a tiny foretaste. Cheers!

The Trilogy:


Due to a lack of time and resources, the first short film Amok1 was made with relatively few resources. Amok1's quality control is good, nevertheless the sequels are more elaborately produced. More time and, above all, more resources make it possible. You can see the difference immediately. I think this is very important information for you. Nobody should think that it was easy. It takes an ultimate amount of time to do this. I don't want to complain, I also have a lot of fun. Joy!

MOP - Movie Overall Progress:


an overview of the film process of all three short films. The Amok Trilogy.

Amok1 - Bloodbath

(release date: n/a)


The movie dates were shot. The cut is done so far. The sound and background music was taken from the source. The storytelling stands for this part.


All the text in the film are missing. Various effects and filters have yet to be used. A little intro and epilogue, credits are also missing. And some little things still have to be checked and applied.. then an end would slowly be in sight.


Finally, there is always a quality control.



Amok2 - Bloody Road

(release date: n/a)


coming soon.



Amok3 -

(release date: n/a)





If you like:


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more is coming soon.